Mount Rainier…Touching the sky

If you really want to touch the sky, visit Mount Reinier in USA. Its awesome….teriffic…and i dont have any adjectives to explain it much. The tall huge woods on both sides on the road when u enter the Rainer National park makes your eyebrow raise without your knowledge. The small trails on the way to paradise will show you the beauty of mother nature with lovely sight of falls and huge glacier path from the top of the mount. No matter how old you are, you can never resist to see and enjoy the beauty of the blue sky behind the snow covered Rainier. Travel up to Paradise your dream comes true. The clouds pass by ur legs and you will feel as if you r walking in the seventh heaven. If your lucky enough you will seey a clear sky sketching the outline of the huge mount. You take a round trip accross the mountain you can see the reflection lake and the sun set point. Never ever miss the reflection lake. The quite silent still lake which replicates the mount with a mirror image is just too too beautiful.
If you want to have fun, take some grills and food with you. Its an ideal place for trecking and for camp fire. Go in group if you really want to hang out and have fun. All through out the mountain its seneic and you can take a lots and lots of photos.
As part of my memories I have carried some stones from one of the river trail from the mountain. I could found out 7 different colors of stone. Try your luck if you are fond of collecting stones to the places you visit.
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