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Evergreen memories of your life….

You never know how old you are until you see your own blood overtaking you…and starts to talk back to you…

I still remember the date and time when my first one Nimtha was born..and now already she turned into 3 yrs..and the 2nd one Samitha …wow..she is getting bigger…Life goes pretty fast. The memories and mischievous acts they do remains in your heart as those tulips in these pics…

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Just back after a long trip

DSCN4457 This has been a great trip to Kerala from our office. Nimitha had all the fun in the tour and especially in the swimming pool.

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Talking about Beware of red meat! – MSN Life



Beware of red meat! – MSN Life
This is particularly interesting. The lifestyle of the US people to the Indian people are very different in my opinion. Here in India Goat/Sheep are more when compared to Beef and Pork in my personal experience. As the article mentions that the type of meat is unclear it will be interesting to find that too. Nothing is as good as to be a Veg in this period of life in this galaxy as the demand is more and natural supply is less. This cause humans to work on the science and technologies to compensate on the ever increasing demands of food.

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Nimitha Kutti

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The love in my life is reflected in these pictures. Every time she smiles it makes my life count.
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South Indian Cooking – Ladies finger Moore Kozlambu

One of my all time hobby is cooking. Here is a recipe to make South Indian vendaikaai [ladies finger] moore kozlambu.
Requirements (Sorry if my terms are related to computers :0) )
1. 1 Cup of thick curd
2. 1 cup of coconut
3. 6-7 chillies
4. 300 gms of ladies finger
5. Cumin seeds(jeerakam) – 3 table spoons
6. Mustard seed  – 1 tea spoon
7. Turmeric power – 4 – 5 pinches or add to desired color
8. Onion – 3 big oninos
9. Sunflower or Corn oil 5 table spoons
10. Salt to taste
Cut the ladies finger into small pieces of 2 inches length appox. Chop the onions into small cubes. Keep thick vessel on the gas. Thick vessle help in reducing the residue due to over cooking.
Preperation of the moore kozlambu vegetable
Put 4 – 5 table spoons of oil and heat it. Make sure you dont over heat the oil. Add mustard seed and allow it to crack. Then add the onion and fry little bit so that the wetness in the onion is gone. Then add the ladies finger. Add salt to taste and fry the ladies finger and onion to a point that the sticky stuff in the ladies finger is gone. The consistency is that the ladies finger is 65% cooked. Now transfer this to another plate and allow it to cool.
Preperation of the moore Kozlambu masala.
Crave the coconut and add the cumin seeds to it. Add 4 – 6 chillies and very little salt. Now gring this into fine paste.  Now split the curd into butter milk without adding water. Just whip the curd and keep the consistency of the curd as it is. It should be thick. Add the grinded coconut,cumin seed, green chille to the curd. Add 3 – 4 pinch of turmeric powder. And mix it to make it like a thick soup.
Now keep the thick vessel in the stove and pre heat with little oil. Add the ladies finger and pour the thick curd soup to it. Now cook the stuff in low flame till the curd could make small bubbles and foam around the vessle. Once you see that bubbles started to come take out of the stove and transfer it to a container to server.
Add  curry leaves and pudina leaves to garnish and server hot with rice. Your sout indian moore kozlambu is ready.
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Mount Rainier…Touching the sky

If you really want to touch the sky, visit Mount Reinier in USA. Its awesome….teriffic…and i dont have any adjectives to explain it much. The tall huge woods on both sides on the road when u enter the Rainer National park makes your eyebrow raise without your knowledge. The small trails on the way to paradise will show you the beauty of mother nature with lovely sight of falls and huge glacier path from the top of the mount. No matter how old you are, you can never resist to see and enjoy the beauty of the blue sky behind the snow covered Rainier. Travel up to Paradise your dream comes true. The clouds pass by ur legs and you will feel as if you r walking in the seventh heaven. If your lucky enough you will seey a clear sky sketching the outline of the huge mount. You take a round trip accross the mountain you can see the reflection lake and the sun set point. Never ever miss the reflection lake. The quite silent still lake which replicates the mount with a mirror image is just too too beautiful.
If you want to have fun, take some grills and food with you. Its an ideal place for trecking and for camp fire. Go in group if you really want to hang out and have fun. All through out the mountain its seneic and you can take a lots and lots of photos.
As part of my memories I have carried some stones from one of the river trail from the mountain. I could found out 7 different colors of stone. Try your luck if you are fond of collecting stones to the places you visit.
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